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Analyzing Advertising Effectiveness of Promotional Goods

Every business owner knows the importance of analyzing the advertising effectiveness of your promotional goods. One good way to do that is to take advantage of the considerable amount of research that has already been done for you. At Unique Embroidery & Promotions we can help guide you to the most effective products for your specific marketing plan by using information like that provided in the graphs below.

Total Impressions per Month

Gauging the number of times your promotional product is viewed can help you to decide if it is an effective product. The following chart demonstrates the number of impressions created, or that specific types of products are viewed, each month. For example, caps and headwear lead the way with 1,007 views each and every month. This means that a cap with your logo on it can be a tremendous way to boost your brand awareness. The least effective items are those that fall in the health and safety category. This doesn't necessarily mean that you shouldn't buy these types of items as there may be other reasons you wish to do so. It simply means that they are likely to be viewed less frequently.

Length of Time Promotional Products are Kept

There can be a tremendous amount of added value built into having a long lasting promotional product. Having a long lasting product means that you can be sure that your brand name is being viewed for a lengthy period of time. Items that come out on top in this category include the ever popular calendar at 7.5 months, followed by caps at 7.2 months and by glassware and ceramics at 7.5 months. The weakest in this category are food products at only 1.0 month.


It is wise to use the research data available to help you make the best choices for your business. However, don't forget to take into consideration other factors like how you to plan to distribute the products. For example, regional differences can affect your choice. Jackets for are far more effective advertising tools in Canada than in the United States, perhaps due to the colder climate. Ultimately, the charts should influence and guide your decisions and they allow us at Unique Embroidery & Promotions to help you make the best choices. Tools like our online "Item Cost Calculator" tool can also assist you in deciding how effective your marketing dollars can be. You can read about this tool further in our previous article entitled How to Use the Unique Embroidery Online Calculator Tool.