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How to Use the Unique Embroidery & Promotions Online Calculator Tool

Using promotional items to raise the visibility of your business can be very effective. With many years of experience in supplying promotional items to a wide range of businesses, Unique Embroidery & Promotions is well placed to assist your organization. At Unique Embroidery & Promotions we can help you to judge the cost effectiveness of various promotional items by using our online ROI calculator tool. See the example below, then contact us for a quote and allow us to help you to choose the product that best suits your needs.

Promotional Item ROI Calculator

If you are looking for cost effective promotional items, use our Promotional Item ROI Calculator. Simply click the button below.

When you arrive at the calculator, you will see a heading entitled "The Item You Want to Buy." Simply choose the correct category from the four promotional items listed in the dropdown menu. You can choose one from bags, writing instruments, hats or shirts. Now enter the price of your chosen item. Finally enter the desired quantity in the third window. You will now see listed below the effectiveness of your promotional item.

Using data from the "Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study" published in 2010, our online calculator will provide a list of practical information including the estimated number of times your items will be seen and used, how long they will be kept, and the expected number of people that will see them.

An Example of the ROI using a Twist Action Pen
Twist Action Pen

This quality product is an attractive pen with a twist action top. It measures 5.25 inches long by 0.5 inches wide and has a large logo printable area of 1.25 inches by 0.25 inches, making it an ideal writing tool for promotional purposes. The product comes in a pouch and has a black ink cartridge with a blue refill. The pen has a $30 set up cost and comes with one colour printing. Additional colours are available for $0.35. The item has a 10 day production lead time and comes in cartons of 100. If we use the item cost calculator we can see that by entering 1000 items at a price of $4.70 we get the following results:

The Impact Your Item Will Have

The Estimated Number Times Your Items Will Be Used
462 times used

The Estimated Number Times Your Items Will Be Seen
17,563 times seen

The Average Number Of Months Your Item Will Be Kept
5.4 months kept

The Expected Number Of People Who Will See Each Item
142 people seeing the item

Cost Effectiveness (Per 1000 Times Seen)

Your Item





Effective Advertising

The information provided by the calculator demonstrates that your promotional pen will be far more effective than any of the other advertising mediums demonstrated. To get the most impact from your promotions simply select an item and contact us for a quote.