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When you are Sourcing Corporate Promotional Items Consider what will be Seen the Most

When it comes to custom corporate promotional items, there are a lot of choices to make! Do you want to give away wearables, such as hats, shirts, bags, or jackets? Do you want something smaller and more practical, such as pens, mugs, or calendars? Or something unusual and memorable such as electronics or tools? At Unique Embroidery & Promotions and Twin City Trophies, we offer a uniquely wide range of services which give us the ability to put your logo on just about anything - clothing, plastic, acrylic, wood, glass and more! We can handle all of your custom corporate promotional product needs. But where to start?

There are a number of aspects to take into consideration when trying to decide on a custom corporate promotional item order. Your decision can be made a lot easier by considering the three main aspects of corporate promotional items: appropriateness to your company, cost, and number of impressions the item will make.

Which Items Get Noticed?

According to research done by the ASI Power Summit, wearable items as a group gain the greatest number of impressions. This makes sense; if you give away a piece of clothing, it's going to be worn, and it's going to be noticed. While smaller items such as pens may be brought out and lent out and seen, they are less likely to do so on a regular basis. One of the most interesting pieces of information gathered by this study was that with 1007 impressions per month, hats were by far the most noticeable corporate item studied. Second place was writing instruments with 692, followed by bags with 679. Jackets also did well in 4th place with 579, and shirts came in 5th with 440. Health and safety items and food items came in last place for number of monthly impressions, as they were most likely to be used by one person at a time, particularly while they were alone.

It is important to keep in mind that all impressions may not be equal. For example, although writing instruments earned 692 monthly impressions, a logo on a pen conveys a different message than a logo on a high-quality jacket. It's a good idea to have a balance between high-quality impressions, and high-quantity impressions.


Here is a list of the promotional items researched by the ASI Power Summit, and the number of impressions each acquired per month.

  • Caps/Headwear 1,007
  • Writing Instruments 692
  • Bags 679
  • Jackets/Hoodies 579
  • Shirts 440
  • Calendars 294
  • Desk/Office Accessories 222
  • Food Items 124
  • Glassware/Ceramics 109
  • Health and Safety 76
Cultural Differences

It is also interesting to note that the above impressions were based on Canadian research. In other countries, the number of monthly hat impressions is not nearly so high. Additionally, in the United States, bags were at #1, attracting 1078 monthly impressions. Something to keep in mind when providing promotional material over there. As compared to the other countries in the study (US, Britain, and Australia), Canada had a higher number of impressions over all, suggesting that this is a great country to give away promotional material!