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The Best Promotional Items for Trade Shows - Kitchener-Waterloo Supplier

What are the best promotional items for trade shows?

Are you headed to a trade show and hoping to make an outstanding impression? Here at Unique Embroidery & Promotions and Twin City Trophies we understand the importance of valuable promotional items, and we have many years of experience learning which are the most effective. Let us help you choose the most effective promotional items to bring to a trade show!

As with any purchase, we know you're going to want to consider the cost compared to the value. We've collected extensive research to help you decide which items are most valuable to your company. Check out this chart, depicting the number of impressions made by different type of promotional items after they've been given away and used.

As you can see, pens, hats, and bags appear to be the best promotional items. Let me tell you about a few of my most popular options for trade show promotional items.


For a high quality impression, go all out with a metal pen from Magnus, complete with velvet sleeve. This luxury pen will leave a strong impression with potential clients. It is more likely to be used on a regular basis, thereby making a larger number of impressions. Click on our supplier link to see all available pens.


As far as hats go, it's hard to do better than this 6 panel baseball cap from ATC Authentic T-Shirt Company. This is a durable, inexpensive promotional item that clients are actually going to wear. It's available in 23 colours and only costs $10.00 each with your logo embroidered on front - embroidery included. One size fits all. Item Number: ATC C130


It's time to jump on the bag trend! Eco-friendly and Recycled fabric bags are gaining popularity as substitutes for grocery bags, so you know this promotional item is going to be used. Try Debco Tote Bags for your next trade show. They have large selection of sizes, colours and price points for any need.