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The Best Place to Put a Logo on a Custom Polo Shirt for Brand Recognition if you are Planning Business Clothes Printing

Logo Placement

Where is the best place to put your company logo on a shirt? At Unique Embroidery & Promotions we have a few tips and suggestions. After all, logo placement is a huge part of our business. There are five main locations to consider: left chest, right chest, back, sleeve, and the Yoke - below the collar on the back. All have their advantages and disadvantages so we have made this helpful list to make your selection easier. Choose your preference, browse our website, and then contact us with your decision.

Logos Embroidered on The Left Chest

This position is the most popular choice by companies that order work shirts or polo shirts for their employees. An embroidered logo on the left chest/pocket is highly visible and will help your company to gain the highest possible exposure. Many well known companies use this area for their logo, including Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and others. It's a classic and sophisticated way to show the logo of your company to the world. It is recommended that this logo should be no larger than 4" by 5", although many are smaller.

Logos Embroidered on The Right Chest

This location is similar to the left chest but not as popular. However, it has the advantage of attracting the eye because of its unusual positioning. This makes it a great choice for the company that is prepared to think outside of the box.

Logos Imprinted (Embroidered) on the Back

If you really want to draw attention to your company, then the rear of the shirt is a great choice for a logo. If you are at a big event, a large public gathering, or a marketing event, then a large logo on the back of the shirt is definitely the best way to create waves. This logo works best if it is very large, ideally about 10-12 inches wide. Large logos are usually done with Screen Printing - as this is more economical than embroidery. But sometimes embroidery is still worth doing, even if it costs a bit more. Embroidery generally outlasts the garment, is raised and three dimensional and makes the logo "pop"!

Logos Embroidered on the Sleeve

For a more subtle approach, place your company logo on the shirt sleeve. Although this has not traditionally been a popular place to imprint your logo, it is becoming increasingly fashionable. This location allows you to send your message in a more discrete manner. It is best used for giveaway clothing - where the recipient is not necessarily an employee. There are more likely to wear the garment, if they are not automatically thought to be associated with your company. Thus providing free advertising!

Logos Immediately Below the Back of the Collar

Like the logo on the sleeve, the logo below the back of the collar is less conspicuous and more suitable for the company wishing to take a less aggressive approach. As your logo is like a walking advertisement for your company you need to think carefully about this approach. However, it may suit some businesses, depending on what they are trying to achieve. Logos placed on this location, like the previous one, should be no more than a few inches in size. This location is a good secondary one especially for trade shows. If your back is to a prospective customer - they can still identify you as a person working in the booth and will wait for you.